Marketing Strategist

Bryce graduated from the University of Kansas and his past work experience includes working as a business consultant, striving to keep small businesses alive! He worked with small business owners to make their day-to-day operations more efficient, while providing solutions for HR and compliance. Bryce brings his passion for listening to small businesses’ unique stories and helping them achieve their dreams to the team at LJC.

His proudest accomplishment:
First place in my very first 10K.

Who would play him in a movie and why:
Tiffany Haddish – She has had many experiences, yet has remained grounded, positive and has turned her life into a huge success. Most importantly, she loves to make people laugh.

His celebrity crush:
Nick Jonas…

The thing that makes him a valuable team member to LJC:
I wear my heart on my sleeve and genuinely invest myself into every person I meet. This allows me to fully understand a person’s goals, attributes, and help them find the success that they look to achieve.

If he had a personal hashtag, it would be:


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