The world of digital marketing is confusing and we often get asked, “what exactly is it that you do”?

We use to answer with service based answers like, “we run your social media”, “we can build you a website”, yadda yadda yadda. However, over the past few years, our answer has changed dramatically. Now, our answer is simply “we grow your business and make you a better business person”.

People often push back at the last part. They question how a website, Google and a Facebook account could actually make them a better business person. we usually smile, nod, empathize and then break it down for them.

The truth is there has never been a better or tougher time to own your business. With technology and advancements, it is definitely easier to become a business owner with all of the tools at your disposal. Necessary things like; the ability to purchase an LLC online, the resources to do research about your industry, keeping up with the accounting, can now all be done from a smartphone. However, with all the technology and advancements you now have a much tougher game to play versus your competitors. The consumer is now smarter than ever and has many more options to choose from rather than just asking their friends and family for a referral, think Google search and Angie’s List.

Part of our job is not only to figure out how to get a client more leads and business coming in but figuring out where the potential holes are in their company that could cause them to lose those leads and lose business that could move on to using their competitor

We’ve put together a list of the top three mistakes we see small business owners make on a daily basis. This is the list of things some entrepreneurs may never understand could be hurting their business. A list of sorts of what NOT to do:


  • This seems simple enough from a basic understanding, however, you would be shocked at the number of businesses we come across that have no game plan of how exactly they are going to filter their phone calls if they become busy actually working. We all know that even if you are very first on a Google search if you miss the phone call your potential client is most likely going to just move on to #2. Well after that what’s the point of being the first anyways then?  You must come up with a game plan of how you will filter phone calls when you’re with clients or on a job. Every call should be answered, who knows when it’s the $1 million dollar deal!


  • It used to be (in the good old days, like the 90’s) that if you had a misunderstanding with a customer that you couldn’t resolve, you would just cross your fingers and hope they didn’t have many friends that they could complain too. Those days are long gone. There are now more websites and review sites than we could mention and they are all more than happy to let your upset customer post what a terrible experience they had for all of the world to see.
  • Of course, the simple answer is to step up your customer service efforts but realistically we know that you will never be able to keep everyone happy. Since none of us are perfect, what is your game plan to address a bad online review? Do you work with a company that can handle reputation management? Do you have the time to answer posts yourself? And when you do post on your own, do you explain what happened or just post an apology? As a business owner, you should know how you’re going to handle a situation like this before you actually have to handle a situation like this. Being prepared is always the best first step!


  • More often than not when we sit down with a client for the first time he or she has already spent a ton of money on marketing and/or advertising but can not tell us exactly what their return was on it. I am always shocked to learn people have spent so much money without understanding what it was bringing in. You wouldn’t just continue to pay your electric bill if your lights didn’t stay on would you?
  • We all know that marketing and advertising is one of the most important factors in maintaining a growing and thriving business. However, YOU MUST know what those efforts are returning, otherwise, you can go through money very quickly and in turn lose your entire business.
  • Our advice for this is ALWAYS know how you are going to track each effort. Whether that be customer count, money collected, views per video, etc, just know what the goal you are trying to achieve is and if the company that you are working with has no plan to help you track this then just run the opposite direction.

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