Marketing and advertising are nothing new to business owners. It’s always been a vital part of how a company thrives, grows and maintains customers. What has changed over the years is the platform that a company should be using to market their business. With the experts agreeing that 25% of your yearly budget should be spent on marketing/advertising, that leaves a lot of room to make right and very wrong decisions on where you should spend your money! One wrong marketing decision could hurt a small company badly.

Understanding how the platforms have changed and what works best for you is crucial to making the right decision with your spending dollars!

Here are a few advertising choices a business owner has:

  • Print Advertising
  • Billboard Advertising
  • Car Wrap Advertising
  • Radio Commercial Advertising
  • TV Commercial Advertising
  • Promotional Product Advertising
  • Trade Show Advertising

The one thing that all of these advertising methods have in common is that YOU WILL be including your website address.  Have you really ever considered that maybe the BIGGEST portion of your advertising dollars should be spent making sure your website is the best representation of your company if everything else you are doing is driving your traffic straight to  it???

Bottom line, spending money other places before you take care of your online presence is a mistake because, in the end, your consumer is going to end up searching you out on the internet before they make their final buying decision! Don’t be the guy (or girl) that spends money foolishly. Get a great website and develop a strong online existence and then move on to other marketing and advertising platforms.

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.”

Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft


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