Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, Rebecca enjoys pulling together disconnected pieces, like colors, fonts, textures, content, or even abstract concepts, to create a cohesive creative project. Before working at LJC, Rebecca worked at a branding and design company in Newport News, Virginia, creating visual brand identities, websites, illustrations, and marketing materials for a variety of companies. In 2014, she graduated from Thomas Nelson Community College with a degree in Computer Arts and also received The President’s Award for Academic Achievement.

If she could go anywhere, she would go to:

The Sagrada Familia cathedral in Spain.

Her proudest accomplishment:

Last summer, I faced a terrible fear and jumped off a 35 ft. cliff into a lake. It sounds like a silly accomplishment, but it made me a braver person.

Worst online decision she’s ever made:

I once made light fun of a book in a private book club group on Facebook and the publisher of the book replied to my comment. He was super nice about it, but I was so mortified that I immediately left the group!

Her dream pet:

A direwolf. Though my cat would probably bully it.

If she had a personal hashtag, it would be:



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