Why Lillian James Creative is Giving Away a Website to a Nonprofit

When I started Lillian James Creative in 2016, I had a vision for a business that was both hyper-focused on family and work-life balance, as well as being an integral part of the community by being able to give back to Kansas City, where we call home.

As our team grew, I quickly realized that there seemed to be one common thread with all of our interviews and the people we decided to bring on: everyone was also focused on how they could serve their community. Giving back became an important part of our company culture.

Insert our extreme focus on the nonprofit sector of the city. We’ve done hours of volunteer work, and spend team days out doing everything from cooking meals to volunteering at field days. Yet we know there is more we can do.

Everyday we get to sit down with businesses and talk strategy, often centered around how and why a website is the new storefront and even more important nowadays than a brick-and-mortar. However, this is just as important for a nonprofit —  if not more important, considering many donating decisions are made from behind a computer screen.

It was for this reason that we decided to give away a website to a nonprofit — we know exactly how expensive they can be (this donation is worth $20,000), and we hate that the cost of building an effective website might be holding back nonprofits from telling their stories and achieving their goals. However, we didn’t want to choose who was more deserving than the next, because we knew we wouldn’t be able to choose out of all of the amazing organization out there. That’s how the idea of running a contest and letting our city choose came to us.

We’re hoping that this donation will truly go to an organization that operates day-in and day-out to make a difference in people’s lives — and that maybe just a little bit, this new website will help them accomplish their goals and reach more people.

– Aaron Fulk, Founder and CEO

Nominate your favorite nonprofit to win (nominations close 11/27/17).