Did you know that when you are choosing the color of your logo for your company you’re not just choosing a color, you’re actually choosing what your brand represents with your audience emotionally and subconsciously?

There is a reason a brand like Whole Foods chooses to use the color Green in their logo. The color Green represents things that are natural to us. When we see Green we think of renewal and growth. Have you ever wondered why CVS and Walgreens both use the color Red in their logos and all of their marketing efforts? It’s because the color Red signifies an emergency situation to us which is usually why we find ourselves at a drugstore whether it be for medicine or a last minute product we forgot to pick up during our weekly shopping trip. Finally, what do American Express, Facebook and AT&T all have in common? They all have chosen to use the color Blue as their signature color. These brands decided that trust and dependability are the most important qualities for them to convey and that is what the color Blue speaks to our emotions.

Check out some of the words that we automatically associate with certain colors. Do your brand’s colors match the emotions that we are associating with your colors?



source: http://www.colorpsychology.org/