SEO….a term that over the years we have all come to understand the meaning of and still no one really understands what this process really looks like. And by no one, we mean everyone that is not privy to Google’s secret algorithms that are changed almost daily.


It use to be that companies could call themselves an “SEO Company” and by putting enough keywords into the content and providing enough back links then Google would react and start to show their clients websites higher on the ranking system.

SEO Through the Years

However, over the years the process has become quite more technical and there are no “tricks” to getting to the top of page one. In fact, here at Lillian James Creative, we believe that the way for Google to take notice in your business is to really be doing everything online correctly, oh ya and now you have to also be a good business!

Google’s Job

Think about it like this, Google’s one job is to provide their user with the best experience and search result that person is searching for. That means if Google decides to just give any business that may be including a bunch of keywords and/or back links, then there is a strong chance it’s not the best fit for the person that has searched for a legitimate good business in that field. Google realized this just a few years ago when more and more businesses started vying for the first page search results. It no longer made sense for Google to just rely on keywords and backlinks. Over the past couple of years Google has started to take notice of everything you are doing as a business online, and we mean everything.

Google realized that by comparing a businesses overall presence and their reviews as well as location they were able to provide better results to their users and in turn remain the search engine that we all continue to rely on.

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So what exactly is doing everything right?

We believe that all of this is now important to Google and the other search engines:

  • A website with a good user experience
  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Your social presence must be strong and active
  • Correct and consistent directory listings
  • Good, current reviews
  • Continuous updated content
  • The more active you are online the better
  • Having a video presence is essential to winning the Google game

With so many of the online power players merging and learning to work together, you might as well just plan on doing everything, and doing everything well if you want to earn Google’s trust and in turn grow your online customer base!