We are a quirky but talented family who are just as passionate about growing your business as you are. We work as a closely-knit team, and you will have the opportunity to get to know and work with every single one of us. Conversely, our entire team will get to know you, your brand, and your projects.


Aaron Fulk

Founder & CEO

In 2016, as a single mom without a college degree, Aaron (spelled like a boy) founded Lillian James Creative in her garage. She leaned on her marketing and sales experience, tapped into her personal and professional networks, and utilized her intuition and ambition to overcome obstacles, conquer challenges, and achieve company goals.

Aaron has grown her company out of her garage and through 4 office spaces (so far). With more than 14,000 LinkedIn connections, Aaron excels at understanding and strategically leveraging online platforms to build her network, expand her influence, and grow her company.

Aaron produces her own podcast (The Cocktail Hour Podcast), is a published writer, and has been a speaker at Leadership Lyceum, Global Entrepreneurship Week, the University of Kansas, Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri, CultureCon, and Central Exchange, among others. She sits on the Marketing Council for the Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri and is a graduate of the business program, Scale Up! Kansas City.

Our fearless leader is known for singing around the office and putting ketchup on everything, but she is also unapologetically transparent and loves sharing her journey with others in hopes to inspire and motivate.


Sander Cha

Content Developer

Do you have a website? Of course you do. Well, we’ve got a guy for that. Sander is THE guy for anything and everything web-related (well, not the spider kind- he doesn’t deal with bugs, but if you have a website bug, that’s a different story). Sander specializes in solving complex web issues and is motivated by a challenge; if he doesn’t know the answer, he’ll research all night (watch YouTube videos) until he finds a solution. Although Sander studied computer science, he has 25 years of social media, marketing, web, video and photo experience; you could call him a jack-of-all-trades. When he’s not huddled over the keyboard, you can find him behind the lens, with his daughter, or playing the piano and breaking out into a do re mi.

Kharissa Forte

Social Communications Specialist

Kharissa creates social media strategies that POP! She studied journalism and mass communications in college and is also a certified health coach so she always takes the stairs into work and slaps that second donut out of our hands (just kidding). She’s an avant-garde hipster who believes that people don’t connect with what you do, they connect with why you do it. She has 5 years of experience with blogging, journalism, radio, tv, and digital marketing, and is always down for a new challenge (even when Mercury is in retrograde). She’s into the stars and things, so you might catch her referencing astrology and using words like “moon signs.” She is inspired by people and what they can achieve if they just shoot for the stars and believe.

Rebecca Harrison

Graphic Designer

Rebecca spent almost 9 years working at a branding company on the east coast and we’re still trying to figure out why she moved here from Virginia Beach (she claims she loves the city’s atmosphere and street art). She’s the cool one in the office that keeps us on our toes with her changing hair color and witty jokes, and she can always be counted on for a creative, yet analytical approach to client projects. With a computer arts degree and a natural eye for design, Rebecca has mastered the art of pulling together disconnected pieces to create cohesive creative projects for our clients. She draws inspiration from music and the ocean and enjoys doodling, creative writing, and putting together Ikea furniture.

Sam Jones


Call him a master of the lens, a virtuoso of film… or just call him Sam. The only “expected” things about Sam are his film production degree and his 5+ years of video experience. He prefers to do things in an unconventional way and he’s passionate about creating work that’s unprecedented, unparalleled, and uncommon. He is a rare balance of preparedness and meticulousness, yet you might find him hanging upside-down in a tree to get the best shot. He’s quick on his feet during production and he’s a former collegiate runner, so if you don’t like one of his video concepts (said no one ever), don’t even think about running. Did we mention that he’s a classically trained singer and an avid outdoorsman? We know, just let it all sink in.

Alyssa Vargas

Communications Specialist

Alyssa is our in-house wordsmith. On career day in grade school, she said she wanted to be a writer, and the rest is history. She has 9 years of experience teaching English, was a freelance writer for 7 years, and has a Master’s degree in Romance Languages & Literatures. She’s an early bird that can be found writing anything from a blog to a book in the wee hours of the mañana (did we mention she’s bilingual?), and she doesn’t go anywhere without a notebook and some snacks. She loves her family, the oxford comma, traveling, and giving back. She currently serves as the Vice President for the Bacchus Foundation, Editor of the Inside Scoop for the Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri, and Party Arty Co-Chair for the Nelson-Atkins Museum.