Podcasts have joined the game of digital marketing. Many businesses have taken up podcasting as another form of marketing and awareness for their companies, and it has shown to be an amazing way to better connect with current consumers while also fostering a relationship with new ones.

With this uptick in business podcasts, it’s only fair that you must be wondering if your business can profit from this new wave of marketing. And let me tell you, yes, you can. No matter your industry, you can reap the benefits of podcasting.

Do It. Here’s Why…

Podcasts have far more benefits than I can list here, so let’s focus on five.

1. Build a More Personal Connection With Your Audiences

Podcasts break the barrier between your consumers and the text they read on their screens. As much as you hope your social posts and website will connect to your audience, the text will only go so far. Podcasts allow your listeners to listen to your insight, humanize yourself and your business, and feel part of the conversation. Podcasts are typically less formal than other forms of marketing, and this can add a sense of connection that could otherwise not be met.

2. Network With Others in Your Industry With Ease

If you are looking for a way to connect with other industry experts without going to every mixer you find, look no further than your own podcast. Podcasts can be amazing networking opportunities for you and those you invite to your show. By featuring guests, you can build relationships and expand your network, all while your guests can grow the conversation and offer their own insights. When you have diverse perspectives in your podcasts, you can increase your following and build loyalty with listeners.

3. Increase Credibility and Awareness

The more you put your business out there, the more awareness you bring. Podcasts are an easy way to raise awareness of your business across multiple channels. Current and potential customers will find your podcast, share it with others, and before you know it, you are being talked about more than ever before. Your credibility can also benefit from podcasts. Speaking about the industry and informing the public can not only make you a thought leader in your space, but it will grow trust between you and those who follow your podcast. The rise in credibility will help drive customers to your products and services.

4. Drive More Traffic to Your Website or Other Platforms

Life is busy, and these days people would rather listen to something than read it. Meaning podcasts become essential for bringing a whole new audience to your website and social media platforms. When a person enjoys listening to a podcast enough to subscribe to it, they will likely search for it on other platforms and find out more about you and what you do. Audio marketing is a brand-new way to boost your website traffic.

5. Free Content for All Avenues

Content for your social media platforms is congruent with your brand awareness and business success. If you are not consistently posting content to your platforms, your credibility and reliability plummet. It can be easy not to post if you don’t have the content but with podcasts; you suddenly have access to so much content to spread over your platforms. You can create small clips of informative parts, take some of the topics and write a blog about them, or make graphics based on what was discussed. There is so much content at your fingertips with podcasts.

Take advantage of this new form of marketing and grow your business with the expertise and knowledge you already have bouncing around your head. Contact the team at Lillian James Creative to start your podcast today!