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4 keys to getting more business reviews

It’s tempting to feel like online reviews were created for the sole purpose of being a thorn in the side of new and developing brands. Well, we’re...

5 tips for building strong brands in 2021

Whew! Just when we thought we might not make it, 2021 has appeared out of nowhere to save the day like Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, or any other...

What’s this Clubhouse App everyone’s talking about?

You might have heard of an invite-only app garnering a $100m valuation with only 1,500 users. No this is not a prank, and yes those numbers are...

What’s the deal with chatbots?

Did you ever think that we would be using marketing and artificial intelligence (AI) in the same sentence? Chatbots have been on the rise for years...

How to create content that makes them click

It’s my guess that you’re not grinding away at content creation because it’s your favorite thing to do. When you started your company, maybe you...

4 things that you can learn from Kylie Jenner about social media

Before you roll your eyes, you might have more to learn from the 23-year-old social media icon than you might think. Taking the title of “youngest...

Do I really need brand standards?

Entrepreneurs, business owners, and founders are all about slashing their budgets and moving quickly. While you might be tempted to skip brand...

Are infographics in or out?

It’s not a secret that visual marketing content works. That is one of the many reasons why video is in such high demand by consumers and why memes...

How to find your [podcast] voice

Who hates the sound of their own voice? We feel you, but just because you cringe when you listen to yourself on a voicemail, doesn’t mean that you...

Why you need a case study in your life

People are craving information at all levels and a case study is one way that your business can give the people what they want! Small businesses and large corporations in varying industries can benefit from a case study and I’m going to tell you why it’s a good investment for your audience.


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