Your personal image on social media is everything these days. Whether you like it or not, people will look you up, do some snooping, and question your credibility. Wouldn’t you want to be ahead of the game? No matter your industry, a personal brand can be your answer to setting yourself and your business apart from the rest of them and ensuring your customers are excited to work with you. A personal brand can be your ticket to growth, success, and a better rapport with those around you. If that didn’t answer the question for you, here are some more reasons why you should establish a personal brand.

YES! And Here Is Why

Personal branding can skyrocket your exposure, engagement, and credibility online and, in turn, out in the field. If there is even a small part of you that thinks it could benefit you, it is time to reach out to an agency that can help.

Build Credibility and Trust

A well-established personal brand can put the spotlight on your expertise, accomplishments, and education. It is your chance to share your knowledge and insight while creating a following of people in your industry who want to hear it from you. You build yourself as an expert. As you showcase your expertise through videos and posts, your credibility rises, and more people are likely to trust and go to you with questions or even jobs.

Stand Out From the Rest in Your Industry

Personal branding is your chance to identify your unique skills and qualifications and show your audience your value and expertise within the field. Your uniqueness and knowledge within the industry can set you apart from the rest, especially if you establish your personal brand with frequent posts and videos while engaging with your consumers. Your connection with those online can be exactly what customers look for when choosing someone in your field. A consistent and cohesive personal brand can make you look professional and unique.

Grow Your Network

A network of colleagues and peers is essential in this day and age. Whether you only know them through LinkedIn or go to happy hour with them every Friday, that group of people supports and motivates you to your goals while you do the same for them. Establishing a great personal brand can bring in new mutuals and show others in your industry what you can bring to the table. It’s your time to show yourself off and make friends with similar goals and interests so you can help each other.

Stay Top of Mind for Your Audience

The most important reason to establish a personal brand is to stay top of mind for your audience. In our digital age, it takes over 20 views of an ad or post for someone to take the next step of reaching out, buying, or signing up. If you are posting consistently and being an informative resource for someone who might need you later on, you are building that relationship slowly but surely. The next time someone asks them if they know anyone in your industry, they will remember the last person they saw, and you want that to be you. A well-established personal brand will ensure you stay top of mind for your consumers.

A personal brand is becoming an essential part of someone’s success in 2023. It could be time to get yours coordinated. Contact the team at Lillian James Creative to start your personal branding journey.