In the past months, those of us who use Twitter could not find that light blue bird icon anywhere on our phones. The switch to X was quick and caused many of us to be confused about what was to come from the “new” social media platform. With Elon Musk’s choice to evolve the well-known platform Twitter into what it is now, individuals and businesses are getting used to its new features and changes. So, what should you expect about this adjustment as a business, and is X still suitable for your company? Let’s talk about it.

What Is The Difference Between X and Twitter?

The most apparent difference between the two is their look. Musk was very quick to change the logo and domain of Twitter over to his chosen X title. Users woke to see the app’s appearance now black with a white X instead of a little blue bird like it’s been since the platform’s creation. The name Twitter has also officially been changed to X. However, many are still calling it Twitter and Tweeting and will be until the change really sets in. Musk hopes to make X an app for everything, meaning that whatever users might seek out on other platforms can be found on X by the time he makes the adjustments he plans to. Twitter will no longer be a short text-based platform and will soon have a slew of new features and additives. However, for now, the interface is the same.

The Changes to Expect

While many significant changes have happened over the past few months, there are still plenty in the works to look out for.

Paid Verification

Paid verification is not new. This was happening on Twitter before its facelift. Users were able to purchase a verification check mark to have next to their names for a monthly subscription. However, the subscription is now called XBlue instead of Twitter Blue. Additionally, users can now hide the blue checkmark on their profile if they wish to. As this feature has just been added, the checkmark might not yet be hidden everywhere as the kinks are still being worked out.

Job Listings

One of the major features X will provide to its users in the near future is the ability to post job listings and apply for jobs. Verified businesses will be able to undergo a screening process and then post job listings to X, allowing users on the platform to apply and go through similar processes to those on Indeed. Job recommendations and improved job discovery will also be implemented with this feature.

Email Collection

This feature is still new and in its testing phase, but X now allows subscribers of content creators to provide their email addresses in order to stay in contact with them and get additional content from them. This can be a great feature for companies hoping to add to their email lists and who send out newsletters or other important content to their consumers.

Long-Form Content

X is bringing back an older feature called Twitter Notes, allowing users to post long-form content. It seems to have been renamed “Articles,” but that is subject to change as the feature is still being built out.

Requires an Account to View Posts

X has taken away the ability for people who do not have an account to see posts within the platform. So, if you send a post from X to a friend or repost it to other platforms, you risk people being unable to see it if they do not have an account.

What Does This Mean to Your Business?

Social media platforms continue to prove themselves to be a fluid concept. They change and adapt with the times, and businesses often have difficulty keeping up. Twitter’s change to X might mean nothing to some companies, but to others, they might find that their engagement takes a hit. It all depends on your goals on the platform and what you do within it. If you are already on Twitter, don’t run away just yet. X is still being formed into what Musk wishes it to be, and before assuming the worst, it doesn’t hurt to see what it has to offer your company. This change simply means monitoring your engagement and views on the app to see if it is worth it or not for your business.

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