Sample Gift Certificate Purchases

There are three options below on how we can set up your gift certificates. The first example is your straight forward dollar for dollar gift certicate. The second option offers gift certificates at a discount. The third option deals with specific services instead of dollar amounts. So you can purchase a manicure or pedicure gift certificate instead of a dollar amount.

Dollar for Dollar Gift Certificate

This option is straight forward. You choose a dollar amount and pay that amount.

Dollar Amount

Discounted Gift Certificate

This gift certificate is offered at a discount.

Dollar Amount

Specific Services Gift Certificate

This gift certificate is based on service instead of dollar amount. 

Choose a Service


This option allows people to make donations. This can be set up to either be just a generic donation button or have options where people can choose which programs they want to donate to like in this example below. Also, we can set up suggested amounts along with a field to enter any amount, or just leave it blank for people to enter whatever amount they want to donate. Click the Donate button below to see how the options work.

Sample PDF Flipbook