Figuring out your brand identity should not simply be another thing to check off the list when developing your business. Your business’ brand identity is more than unified colors and fonts; it is integral to the experience your customers go through when interacting and shopping with you. If you want to be more than just a product or service and become a consistent, trusted, and eye-grabbing experience, you must take creating your brand identity seriously.

Don’t let that spiel overwhelm you, though. Here are five questions to start you on the right track.

1. What Is Your Story?

Consumers care more and more about the upbringing of the businesses they want to entrust in their lives. They want to contribute to a business they can feel good about. Brand stories become an essential part of brand identity. Your history, the founding of your business, and where you came from can all build credibility and connections with your consumers. Your brand story can help the consumers feel as if they are winners in your story. They reap the benefits from you getting into your business’ industry.

2. Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

Your brand identity should help attract those who could truly use your product or service. You don’t want to waste time, energy, and money trying to appease everyone in the world. Identify your ideal customer, determine their needs and what they might gravitate toward, and target your messaging directly to them. Knowing your ideal customer’s likes and dislikes can give you a clearer picture of what you can do to drive them toward your business.

3. What Voice Do You Want to Portray?

You want your brand’s voice to be consistent throughout every avenue you communicate with your customers. Your website, social media posts, blogs, emails, and ads should all be in the same voice to create a recognizable and cohesive brand. This is up to you and what you believe your customers will react to best. Your voice can be relaxed, professional, formal, informative, or friendly. There is no wrong answer; just ensure you are doing right by your business.

4. How Do You Make Your Customers Feel?

Your customers are coming to you for answers, relief, or education. Your brand identity can help carve out exactly how you want them to feel when they experience your company. Depending on what you are providing, your customers can determine how you want them to feel after they partake in your services, speak to your sales team, or scroll through your website. Do you want
them to walk away with more information than before or with a weight lifted off their shoulders?

5. What Is Unique About You?

The uniqueness of your business should be the foundation of your brand identity. If you are providing your customers with pristine investment advice, guidance to financial wealth, or assistance for their next court date, your brand should be able to express why they should choose you over your competitors. Being different isn’t enough; you must be unique in your field actively. Showcase what makes your business yours and ensure it is seen through voice, perception, and services.

These are only a few of the questions to ask yourself when building your brand identity. So much more goes into it (we haven’t even mentioned logos!), but you don’t have to grow your brand on your own. Contact the team at Lillian James Creative to take that first step today.