Thought leadership has taken the marketing industry by storm and has quickly become one of the most successful ways to get your name out there, grow your network, and get customers to trust you. If you are searching for methods to get in front of your audience in an impactful, engaging, and profitable way, becoming a thought leader should be your answer. With the rise of social media, thought leadership has become easier and more accessible to any entrepreneur, philanthropist, and innovator.

So, it’s your turn to become the thought leader in your space; here’s how you do it.

Start Getting Out There – and Be Consistent

The first and most crucial step to becoming a thought leader is to start. Starting can look different for everyone as some may choose to do purely text posts, some may lead events or workshops, some might post videos, and some might do all of the above. No matter what you choose, you just need to start. And going beyond that, you must be consistent. Posting often is essential in order to stay at the top of your audience’s minds, but remember, don’t lower the quality of your content just because you must post a couple of times a week. You have both quality and quantity to keep as high priorities. With this said it might be smart to contact an agency that can do both for you and get you to thought leader status in no time.

Be Your Audience’s Source of Insight and Education

A thought leader is someone who is an expert in their field, both in topics and in outside happenings. To become a thought leader in your space, you want to show your audience that you know your stuff. Be the source of insight and education to them. Whether you post about tips and tricks or the latest news in your industry, your audience will come to think of you as the expert and trustworthy in these topics. The end game is to make them come to you when they want to hear what is happening in the industry and when they have curiosities.

Develop an Authentic Point of View

As you become a thought leader, you don’t want to lose who you are and your sense of self. To become a thought leader, you want to stand out from the crowd; to do that, you want to develop an authentic point of view. This is essentially the brand you wish to correspond with. Consumers want consistency and a humanlike voice behind the information they take in. Let yourself be yourself and show your audience that you are no different from them while proving that you are the voice they should be listening to regarding your industry. The point of view you choose is your chance to stand out and shine in the sea of videos and posts.

Answer the Questions No One Has Asked Yet

Don’t play telephone with others in your industry. You don’t want to repeat what is already being said. This is your chance to conduct original research and share your findings with your audience. This demonstrates your expertise while increasing your value in your viewers’ eyes. Conducting your own research can also help you answer questions nobody has been asking yet. You can get ahead of others in your industry while providing new and interesting insights to others in your field and beyond.

Continue to Show Your Value

The value you grow as a thought leader is your strongest tool. Value can grow through posting blogs, videos, case studies, research, news, and general insights about your industry and beyond. If you are not consistently growing your value in the eyes of your audience, you will lose that spot at the top of their minds and, in turn, lose their interest and trust in you. Your value can also increase by posting on multiple platforms to ensure you reach out to various groups and demographics. Your value is your best asset as a thought leader.

Becoming a thought leader does not happen overnight, but that does not mean you should not try. Get guidance from an agency known for its personal branding success and digital engagement for businesses – contact the team at Lillian James Creative today.