There is a lot of content flying around, but how do you get your content to land… and stick? Like a medal-winning Simone Biles kind of landing that makes the audience react and feel something. (Where are all of my Olympic gymnastics fans?) When you sit down to create your next piece of content, how will you make sure that it reaches your audience and sticks? No matter what you do, having the right angle will make all of the difference and help you create content that your audience will want to share.

Point of view

Perspective is the foundation of your brand’s perfect angle. How are you approaching your content? Does your point of view reflect your community? Once you know your audience and understand where they’re coming from, you should be able to nail your content’s point of view. According to Neil Patel, “A strong and well-developed point of view gives a brand’s product personality, authenticity, and individuality and makes it easier for customers to access.” The most important thing is that your point of view aligns with your audience. The angle that you take during content creation should focus on what your customer wants to hear, not what you want to say. After all, it’s all about the customer, right? Your content will stick if your angle makes your posts relevant enough to engage conversations.


Originality is what you build on top of your foundation of perspective. Your content should be unique, not a regurgitation of what a top blogger posted about yesterday. Copying other people’s content will not win over your customers and it will also not impress Google, so don’t expect to rank if you do this. This means that you shouldn’t just give a light refresh to already-trending topics. Come up with a completely new topic to discuss or a totally unique spin on a current subject. Your readers (and Google) will thank you for it. Try combining two seemingly unrelated ideas for an out-of-the-box post. If you’re going to expand on an already-talked-about idea, try out a new angle and add value to make it your own. Creating an angle that’s so “you” will allow you to arrive at original content much easier than when you try to fit into another person’s mold.


Research is what will tie everything together. Content is not produced in a vacuum, so finding your innovative angle requires some research. Are you thinking that only some of the more technical industries require research? Let’s challenge that thought. Quality and high-performing content is always created with research to back it up. Whether it’s an SEO strategy, statistics regarding a recent trend or consumer behavior, or performance metrics based on your previous posts, all brands can benefit from some thorough research during content creation. It might be tempting to skip the research portion because you have limited time on your hands, but it’s crucial if you want your output to have the best shot at boosting your brand. Research will help you create an angle that is more likely to succeed, and it allows you to pivot when the research shows that it’s time to find a new direction.

If there is one thing that you need to make your brand’s content stick, it’s the right angle. Focus on perfecting your brand’s point of view, encourage your team to think outside of the box, and spend more time on research. This trio of actions will inspire and develop an angle that will have your followers engaging with and responding to your brand. What step are you going to take today to make your content stick?

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