Every company has its own version of company culture, the practices which their company adopts in order to create a workplace environment that is beneficial for everyone involved. At Lillian James, we have several policies designed for the benefit of our employees, and with the COVID-19 pandemic continuously bringing new changes to the corporate world, we are ever-evolving. Here you will find just a few aspects of our company’s culture that make working at Lillian James both flexible and rewarding.

Working Remotely

The pandemic and subsequent quarantine that the world went through in 2020, has greatly changed the way the corporate world operates. We discovered that many jobs can be done remotely, from the comfort of your own home, and at Lillian James, this is no different. We offer many remote job opportunities that allow our employees to work from home, this, in turn, allows us to widen our scope of new hires, as we can hire those from out of state who would not have otherwise had the opportunity to work with our company.

Working remotely gives our employees the flexibility and freedom to complete their work without having to come into the office every day, with resources such as Zoom we are able to mimic the traditional office environment while allowing our employees to have a flexible schedule for completing their work.

Unlimited PTO

PTO, or Paid Time Off, is very important for today’s corporate employees. At Lillian James, we understand that things may come up in life that you aren’t expecting. Sometimes there are unavoidable events such as family emergencies, sickness, and major life events such as moving houses. Since there are so many unpredictable things that may happen in our lives, we understand that our employees may need time off, and we offer unlimited PTO for this very reason.

Of course, all PTO must be within reason, although it is technically unlimited, there are exceptions given the nature of the said event and how long an employee requests time off. However, we strive to be as flexible and accommodating as possible, so our employees are able to get paid even when they aren’t working every day. We believe that PTO is very important and should be offered for as long as an employee still needs it.

Good Health Benefits

Not every company offers their employees the best health benefits that they can. Here at Lillian James though, we believe that health benefits are of great importance. The pandemic has reminded us that physical and mental health are major factors in our lives, if we don’t take care of ourselves we cannot perform our very best at work.
To help with our employee’s mental health, we offer up to two free sessions with a mental health provider. This can be done at any time and allows our employees to stay mentally healthy, which in turn means that they will hopefully be more successful and happy in our corporate environment. We also offer fully covered health insurance to our employees, because we understand that medical expenses are sometimes an unavoidable part of life, so we take great care to aid our employees in any way that we can.

Company culture is something that is always changing, with trends in the corporate world moving at an ever-increasing rate with every year that passes. At Lillian James, we strive to ensure that our employees are able to have the flexibility to work creatively, while still offering good benefits and providing a friendly, professional environment that fosters productivity and respect.