In a perfect world, you have all the tools you need to get your business and brand in front of your audience to help engage and build a relationship with them. In a perfect world, right?

It’s time to realize that the perfect world IS this one. Digital marketing has changed the way you can communicate with your customers, and there are many opportunities to showcase and brag about your brand. Be loud! Don’t assume you’re stuck with old-school marketing ways. No matter what your business offers, you can connect with your desired audience with a click of a button – a live stream button.

The Underdog: LinkedIn Live Show

Let’s showcase a live stream option that many might not think of first when they think of live streams. LinkedIn has over 700 million active users, all business heads, and thought leaders in their industry. Wouldn’t you want every chance to connect with them, network, and share your ideologies with them and your customers?

To start going live on LinkedIn is simple. You start by applying to become a broadcaster. You will need over 150 followers on your profile and a history of abiding by their Professional Community Policies. Once you are cleared, you can start going live and showcasing your business and yourself to those around you, giving you the perfect opportunity to increase engagement and have real-time conversations with those in your circles.

A Classic: Facebook Live

Facebook consistently beats out other social media platforms in active users. With 2 billion active users a month, your business has the potential to reach out to more people than any billboard or mail campaign could fathom. If you are unsure whether to go live or simply post a batched video, remember that users spend 3x more time watching a Facebook Live video than a premade one.

Going live on Facebook is easy. It does not require a certain amount of followers or notoriety. If you have a business account, you can simply hit live, and you will be broadcasted to your followers and everyone looking to watch a live show. Facebook prioritizes Facebook Live videos compared to other options, ensuring your broadcast is at the top of everyone’s feed. Facebook Live gives you a chance to increase your exposure and awareness with no more than a press of a button.

Tried and True: Instagram Live

One of the best things about going live is that you get to be unapologetically yourself. There are no cuts, editing, or gimmicks. Yes, this might sound scary, but it is also the perfect opportunity to show your audience who you really are and who they support when buying from you. Live shows encourage personal connections and engagement, and Instagram is a platform that advocates for their live streamers. When you go live on Instagram, it not only notifies your followers and encourages them to hop on, but it also puts your live stream before any IG stories at the top of people’s feeds, keeping you top of mind and important. One million users are watching IG live shows– imagine your business being viewed by hundreds of thousands of new people!

Instagram allows anyone of any follower count to go live on their platform. Not only can you go live and talk about your business, brand, and yourself, but Instagram offers the ability to go live with other people. If you choose to, you can go live with other industry heads or people within your company, reaching out to even more people and creating larger waves of engagement.

New and Exciting: TikTok Live

Ah, TikTok… The most talked about social media platform of our current age. Short Form videos have been the height of entertainment since the app’s popularity, leaving businesses and brands scrambling to understand and use it to their advantage. TikTok Live is one of those growth opportunities that businesses should not let fall from their grasp. It makes it much easier to get real-time reviews, answer questions, connect with your audience, and build yourself as a trustworthy and integrity-based business.

To go live on TikTok, you need 1,000 followers. Once that is achieved, you have the ability to go live at any point, gain the ability to add filters and effects, or connect with charities to give donations. With TikTok mainly providing short-form videos, going live offers you the opportunity to create longer content for a FAQ, get-to-know-me, or grand announcement. While the live stream will disappear once it ends, you have the chance to take snippets from the live and create content during the live stream for later on.

Live streaming is your chance to bring awareness to your business, connect with your audience, get real-time feedback, and expand your online presence all in one place. What could be better than that? If you have questions or want to see how your business would look on a live show, contact the team at Lillian James Creative.