It is no secret that email marketing is incredibly effective in keeping your consumers engaged and informed. Whether you send out an email once a week or once a month, you want that email to be packed with only the best information to keep yourself and your business top of mind. Email newsletters are your opportunity to nurture the relationship you have built with your consumers and increase the trust, loyalty, and retention you have with them.

So, if you are not sending out an email newsletter, let’s go over what it is and why you should start so you can stay on top of mind 24/7.

What is a Newsletter’s Purpose

Newsletters are ultimately your most powerful marketing tool, giving you direct communication with your consumers. You have complete control over the personalized information they are sent and the direction of actions they should take after reading the email. Rather than selling to them, a newsletter should be a burst of information and insights the consumer or prospect is excited to get. This is your chance to grow your credibility, trust, value, and reputation.

While you are not strictly selling to them through newsletters, you are nurturing your relationship with them to show that you understand their interests and needs. When you are able to do this, you are far more likely to do business with them in the future as they see you as the expert and trustworthy of their time and money.

What Information Should Be in a Newsletter

You should approach each newsletter with a specific intention in mind. You want each one to be valuable to the reader. If you reach a point where you are just sending newsletters to send them, it is time to rethink.

  • Newsletters could include:
  • Industry News
  • Case Studies and Testimonials
  • Upcoming Events For Yourself or Business
  • Employee/Individual Spotlights
  • News About Upcoming Sales or Promotions

This sort of information will keep your readers interested and eager to get the email in their inbox. This excitement will keep you top of mind and in their thoughts regarding your industry and expertise.

The Benefits of Email Newsletters

Newsletters come with a variety of benefits that keep you top of mind with your consumers and prospects.

For example:

Direct Them To New Content. You can use newsletters to direct readers to your latest blog or case study, an upcoming event page to purchase tickets, or even your new product or service. You have direct contact with the people who truly want to see your business.

Increase Your Credibility and Authority. Newsletters are your way of informing and educating others in your field or consumers who might be interested. A well-written and informative newsletter can significantly impact how consumers view you and your business.

They are Low Risk and High Reward. You are sending emails to people who have already shown interest in yourself and your company. They will be receptive to what comes their way, which could lead to amazing results as you nurture that relationship over time.

Grow Your Value in Their Eyes. The more you inform and educate your readers, the more value you have to them. They will see you as a resource to them and as an expert in your field. Not only will this grow your value, but it will keep you in their minds when your industry is brought up for any reason. Your readers will find you an essential part of their week or month.

Email newsletters are one of the best ways to stay top of mind with your consumers and prospects. Whether you direct them to your blog or website, inform them about recent industry news, or invite them to an upcoming event, you will continue to be in their minds. Start your newsletter today with a team who can get you at the top of everyone’s mind– contact the team at Lillian James Creative.