The digital world has made it increasingly easier for us to connect with our consumers, hear their thoughts, and increase sales like never before. But it can get even better. Live streaming has taken the world by storm in the last few years, and as it is doable on almost every social platform out there, so many businesses are taking to this new way of marketing and reaping the benefits. Yes, getting behind the camera (live) can be scary, but so is starting and growing a business from the ground up, but you did that! It’s time to show off your business in a new way and reach consumers by live streaming!

But don’t just listen to me at face value; here are some benefits to live streaming to mull over.

Make in the Moment Connections

Just as you would if you were greeting in a brick-and-mortar store, a live stream allows you to speak and talk to your audience in real time. You can meet customers, make new ones, and connect with them more than you could in a simple post or pre-recorded video. Your audience has the chance to see the face behind the business, and you get this chance to humanize the brand. Once consumers are able to see that there is more to the business than just the screen they look at, they are more likely to trust the business and find it more credible.

Answer Questions and Be Informative

A live stream is a perfect opportunity to talk about your brand and inform your customers about the ins and outs of your services and products. Those frequently asked questions you get can be brought up, and you can give in-depth answers to them. Live streams allow viewers to comment and respond in real-time so you can answer real-time questions that might come up. Once again, this can help increase your business’s credibility and trustworthiness.

Increase Your Brand Awareness

Your brand awareness is an essential aspect of the success of your business. If your business is under a rock, you are missing out on so many people who could benefit from your services or products. Live streams give you the perfect chance to increase your brand awareness with not only your audience but with other businesses in the industry. It can make a great chance for networking with companies with similar interests and allow you to make your brand more well-known within the industry.

Reach SO MANY People

Live streams don’t just show up for your current followers; they are accessible to anyone who is interested in watching. This means that you can be watched by hundreds of thousands of people who have never so much as heard about your company before. You can gain traffic from around the country and the world with ease. Live streaming is the best chance to reach many people without running campaigns, ads, or extensive travel.

Stay Top of Mind

There are live streaming capabilities in almost every social media platform we use today. Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn all have the ability to live stream. So, no matter where most of your audience is, you can live stream and connect with them. Live streams are also held above everything else within these platforms, meaning that when you go live, your followers are notified, and your live stream will stay on top of people’s feeds to be easily clicked. Your business has a better chance of staying top of mind with frequent live streams.

Bring More Traffic to Your Website

Live streaming can increase your conversion rates. When you live stream, expect an uptick in your website traffic. Live streaming makes it simple for people to listen, get intrigued, and click on your website in order to learn more or purchase from you. Once you create that connection with those watching you, you can lead them to your website or other links.

Live streaming has boomed in the last few years and will only continue to grow in the future. Take advantage of the benefits it provides and start your first stream today with the help of Lillian James Creative.