Case study. I didn’t scare you with those three syllables did I? The days are over of a case study being a scary, unreachable assignment that is only reserved for the overly technical industries of the past and the monster-sized companies who have proved their worth for years. It’s also time to break the myth that the only people who want to actually read a case study are suit-wearing, c-suite sitting, top tax bracket individuals. People are craving information at all levels and a case study is one way that your business can give the people what they want! Small businesses and large corporations in varying industries can benefit from a case study and I’m going to tell you why it’s a good investment for your audience.

Target your niche

The format of a case study gives you all the room you want for the numbers, data, and stats that you’re so proud of. It’s an effective way of targeting your niche, because you’re able to go deeper than vague or general content in order to really resonate with your target market. This is where you can go crazy with the details and examples that you probably had to cut out of your other marketing materials. You can get uber-specific here which is great for targeting your niche and giving them everything they need to make an educated purchasing decision.

Be the authority

While becoming a thought leader in your industry can be accomplished with a variety of approaches, a case study is a way to give your company a solid foundation to stand on when discussing the successes of your company. When your case study is thought provoking, insightful, and shows that you actually know what you’re doing and aren’t just “talking the talk,” it can provide you with the authority in your space that will attract serious buyers.

Develop trust

So your prospective clients want proof, huh? The truth is that it can be hard to gain the trust of someone that you don’t know. Consumers are demanding peer reviews, testimonials, and hard facts before they jump all in — now more than ever. A case study can present real-life statistics and factual claims in a way that is consumable by your prospective consumers. When you’re able to put some numbers behind what you say you can do, it gives the other side some extra reasons why they should go with your company.

Repurpose content

If you’re worried that a case study will cost too much money and take up time that you don’t have, the good thing is that it can be reused to accomplish other goals. While a case study on its own will provide value and ROI, the content can also be used for a condensed spin off blog, snippets can be utilized for multiple social media posts, and the statistics can even be included in email campaigns, videos, podcasts, and other sales materials. Your investment will stretch far beyond the actual case study.

Address objections

The sales process often brings out your customers’ biggest concerns, firm reasons for push back, or most influential doubts. A case study is a way for you to support your product’s value while addressing all of the questions and worries that you know are on their minds. Combatting their biggest concerns with cold hard facts will make them feel more at ease without getting a salesperson in front of them.

They do all the things

Companies don’t leverage case studies enough. 62.6% of eMarketer survey participants stated that case studies are effective in generating leads. Eccolo Media, in its B2B Technology Content Survey Report, found that case studies rank as the third most influential content marketing type in the purchase process for both small businesses and large enterprises. While creating a case study can seem foreign to you, it can help to not only close deals, but it can give you the ROI that you’ve been after so diligently. We’re talking about driving sales and website conversions, too!

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a case study is just that. It’s a method of storytelling that can’t be accomplished in other ways. Its problem-solutions-results format tells a personal story that clients can grasp on to and consume in a way that furthers their purchasing process. Sometimes an FAQ section and a really good salesperson just doesn’t do it. When you want to win over your consumers and show them exactly what your company can do, a case study is where it’s at!

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