The reasons why consumers choose businesses have changed over time. While convenience is still a strong contender, many people are now looking past just the convenience and looking at the brand identity itself to help gauge whether or not they pick them. In order to obtain the consumers that will best benefit from your company, you must understand what sort of voice, tone, and brand will attract them to you.

Assess Your Product and Service

You must assess your products and services to determine what your consumers would respond to. By doing this, you can see what type of people you are going to attract and what they will get out of your business. If you serve those who have aches and pains and provide massages or physical therapy, you might lean toward the more empathetic side of a brand identity. However, if you provide education courses on investments and wealth management, stick with that educational and professional tone throughout your business. Your products and services can impact much of your brand identity and voice.

Check on Your Consumer’s Characteristics

Conducting market research on your consumers can be a surefire way to discover who they are, how they are, and where they are. Their characteristics can be just what you need to see what type of tone they would prefer. Firstly, look at their geographical characteristics. This can show you the market size, population, and climate of the different regions and consumers you are going to target. Then, the behavioral characteristics can outline how often they might come back to you and use your products or services. Lastly, assess their demographic characteristics. This is essential as it covers your main consumers’ age, gender, occupation, ethnic background, education, and income. This data is crucial to choosing what voice you use.

What Is Your Mission?

To establish how you will approach your consumers, review your mission and goals again. Are you there to improve their lives? Make them feel better physically? Or educate them in their industry? Your mission is to improve their lives in some shape or form, and depending on the “how” can dictate which choice you make based on your tone and voice. The uniqueness of your business can also determine the voice. If you want to stand out in the crowd of other wealth management companies, possibly sprinkle in some empathy and personal tones.

What Consumers Want Today

Overall, consumer “wants” has changed over the years. Their needs always start with safety, food, and shelter. But everything after that can change depending on culture, social environments, and other factors. This has made many consumers more inclined to buy from companies that still have one foot in the consumer world– one that is empathetic, understanding, friendly, and people-focused. It also helps to have a business whose mission is planted in the idea of solving consumer problems and granting them a better life.

However, there are many factors, such as what you are selling, your mission, and consumer characteristics, that can change this. No matter what, it is essential to understand your consumers and project your business in the best light in order to attract your desired audience.

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