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Have You Heard of The New Social Media App BeReal?

BeReal is a photo-sharing app that prompts users to post one unfiltered and unprepared picture a day. Not only is it one picture, but BeReal takes a photo from the front and back camera for users and their friends to see what they are doing and how their day is at that exact time. BeReal works by sending a notification to all its users at the same random time. This time changes each day, but no matter when it is, users have two minutes to open the app and post a picture of what they are doing at that moment.

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Three Aspects of Lillian James’ Company Culture

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The Importance of Video on Social Media

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5 Features to Make the Most of Your Brand’s Instagram in 2022

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Do you want more customers visiting your site in 2022? Make sure you’re taking these steps

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Finding your creativity as an entrepreneur?

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What you need to know about Facebook in 2021

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3 ways to show your customers they are in good hands

You can’t have a business without customers. It’s really that simple. And yet, the customer experience seems to be the last thing so many companies...

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